Ladybird Lane

The crèche official opened its door on the 17th May 2004 and in that time the service has adapted to varying changes and challenges within the childcare sector.

The main role of the crèche is

  • To support the learning and development of each individual child by providing an integrated and balanced approach through the provision of a differentiated curriculum.
  • Encouraging the growth and development of self-esteem in each individual child as a member of a family and as a member of a peer group, through exposure to the warm and trusting environment of the Childcare Centre
  • To work in partnership with the parents carers and children to provide a secure learning environment which enables the children attending the centre to be
  1. Respectful of themselves and others
  2. Curious and creative
  3. Independent and inter-dependent
  4. Tolerant and patient
  5. Appreciative and appreciated


  • To value all children as individuals and appreciate their uniqueness
  • To provide a safe caring environment which embraces all children and values their race language, gender, age, disability, culture, class and religion
  • To value parents and carers as the primary educators of their children
  • To ensure that all staff receive appropriate training and maintain high levels of practice
  • To encourage children to reach their greatest potential through personal and social development
  • Through the creation of a long term sustainable service which will enhance the quality of life for people living in the Huntstown area