Keen to be Green

Community Environmental Initiatives

We have held a series of workshops here in the Centre with a strong emphasis on recycling/Reuse with keeping the environment to the forefront.  These workshops / information talks have tackled issues such as Energy in the Home and Community, to including heating, cooking, appliances, hot water and transport. At another workshop participants got to construct (using recycled materials) their own Bug Hotel.

We have two Water Butt’s  in action here in the Centre which help us to conserve water.

By showcasing our own efforts to be more eco-friendly and green we expect that the Community will see how committed we are and will be encouraged and assisted in their own effort and that this will spread to family and relations.  We are continually striving to “Build a Better Community” (our strap line) whether it is through an active healthy lifestyle or an environmental matter.    We have a battery recycling box in the Centre for community use.

We have two leaf mould bins these are used for the collection of fallen leaves and have generated mulch for our flower beds. Leaf mold has several uses, it can be dug in to the garden beds to improve soil structure and aids water retention during dry spells.

Bird Nesting Boxes have been put up to attract more birds.  We have also installed Bug Hotels, Ladybird Tower and a Bird feeder to encourage biodiversity


We endeavor to grow plants / shrubs which will attract birds, butterflies etc. such as our Buddleia Bush. Buddleia davidi.   Buddleia’s   attract insects – especially butterflies. We also plant Asters, Black eyed Susan’s, Sunflowers. For their high nectar content and their seeds.  In doing this we are doing our little bit to help with colony collapse disorder by encouraging butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects  – pollinators.

A log pile has been constructed from waste cut offs.  A log pile provides food and shelter for large number of insects and wildlife.  Ivy is grown for invertebrates to overwinter in the evergreen leaves.

Hollow canes, tied in bundles for nesting sites for beneficial lacewings and ladybirds, who will eat any aphids, have been constructed and placed in the flower beds – Organic control

We leave the tidying of borders and shrubs until late winter or early spring to provide shelter for insects through winter. As the main breeding period for garden birds is between the beginning of March and the end of August, so we do not cut/prune trees or hedges during this time so as not to disturb any nests.

What Huntstown Community Centre has accomplished so far:-  We are continuing our Programme to upskill and educate the Community and Staff to reduce energy consumption through behavioural change, energy efficiency, renewable and smart solutions.

Following were our initiatives:-

Food delivery packaging taken back by suppliers

New doors improves heat loss

Conducted an Energy Master Plan

Registry of opportunities to undertake projects to improve our environmental and energy usage.

Push taps installed

Continuing training for all Staff to assist them to deliver practical climate action measures, such as composting workshops, the 3R’s, reducing waste etc.

Huntstown Community Centre Is now part of Refill Ireland

What is Refill Ireland?

Refill Ireland is a voluntary environmental project leading the way to make Ireland a tap water refilling country once again.

You can now refill your reusable bottle for FREE in Huntstown Community Centre.

Huntstown Community Centre is also now part of the Conscious Cup Campaign.

 Disposable cups are virtually impossible to recycle due to the combination of plastic and paper in their design. It is estimated in Ireland we dispose of over 22000 of these non-recyclable cups very hour !!