Huntstown Haven Coffee Shop

Our Coffee Shop Outdoor dining is open for limited table service. If dining group is larger than 3 people please ring ahead (01 822 0847) to check availability. We can supply takeaway options such as food platters (hot/cold) for dining at home or in your work. Please note we strictly adhere to Government Health Guidlines at all times.

Please ring 01 822 0847 or email for full details.

New to Huntstown Haven

You can now book in for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Ring 01 822 0847 to enquire.

Afternoon tea now being served

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea complete with dainty fresh sandwiches, tasty fancies!  A great opportunity to meet up with the ‘girls’ for a cuppa and a chat!   This service is also available for our younger teenage ‘ladies’

Enquiries to or phone 01 822 0847




All Day Breakfast

3 Item Breakfast €3.50
4 Item Breakfast €4.50
5 Item Breakfast €5.50

All breakfasts include tea/coffee & toast

Healthy Breakfast

2 Grilled Rashers
2 Poached Eggs
Beans, tomato
Tea / Coffee

Breakfast Roll/Sandwich

2 Sausages, 1 Rasher, 1 Egg,
1 Pudding, Roll/Bread

Other Breakfast Items

2 Scrambled Eggs, 2 Toasts/Butter

Omelette with 2 fillings
2 Toast/Butter
Extra Fillings for the above €0.50



Plain €2.50
Filled (2 extra fillings) €3.50
Plain Chicken Roll €3.50
Filled Chicken Roll (2 extra fillings) €4.00

Any extra fillings for the above €0.55


Gateaux / Cheese Cakes €2.50
Apple Pie and Custard €2.50
Donuts €1.00
Fairy Cakes €0.50
Yogurt €0.50
Fruit €0.50

Variety of chocolate bars available


Tea €1.00
All Cans €1.30
Juice €0.60
Coffee / Latte €1.50



Spice Bag
Bun Burger
Chicken Goujons
Meat Salad
(Served with either Chips, Mash or Salad)

Any extra fillings for the above €0.50

Chips €2.00
Chips & Curry Sauce €2.50
Noodles €1.00
Sausage Roll €1.00
Jambon €2.00
Soup & Brown Bread €3.00
Taco/Garlic Chips €3.50
Veg Salad €3.50

See Display for Children’s Menu €3.00

Dinner of the Week €5.00

Ask at counter if we can provide something that is not on the menu

Take Away Food Available