Relax Recharge & Revive
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Relax Recharge Revive

Zoom OnLine Relax Recharge Revive

Starts 11th March at 7pm until 8.30pm Zoom Runs for 4 weeks every Thursday


1st Week   How to use Breath to enhance, Getting to Sleep and getting back to sleep

Peacefulness and Well-Being Energy

2nd Week  How to train the Brain to Relax

Mindfulness – 5 senses Meditation – Music and Sounds, Aromatheraphy – Oils that help and how to use them

3rd Week  How to teach the body how to Relax

Acupressure points, Meridian Channels, Chi – Gong, Energy Flow, Stress Relief – Bath Showers and Bed

4th Week  How to eat, drink and nourish the Body for Relaxation

Vitamins that support Relaxation, Minerals that recharge & revive. Food & Drinks that support Stress Relief



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