We now have limited  availability for Room and Hall rental - availability during the week, please contact caroline@huntstowncc.org for full information or to arrange a viewing.

Pricing Policy

Huntstown Community Centre has introduced the following Pricing Policy in order to target all members of the community in a bid to availing of the services provided at the Centre.


Customer Expectations: It is most important for the centre to learn how our users and prospective users feel about our services as this bears on our Pricing Policy. We invite you to speak with any member of staff in relation to your expectations of the services provided at the centre.

Huntstown Community Centre Pricing Policy will be examined and reviewed frequently to be certain that prices remain affordable, competitive and are attractive to all our users and prospective users, whilst remaining in line with current inflation.


For Room/Hall and All Weather Pitch Booking please enquire at Reception or Telephone 822 0847.  Application forms for Hall/Room and All Weather Pitch Bookings .

The Management Committee meets regularly and will review and accept/reject the applications in line with our booking policy.  If this is your first time to book please allow sufficient time for your application to be considered and to clarify any potential issues.

We do require Public Liability Insurance from people/groups looking to make room bookings or to run events and we may require additional measures for activities that may be considered higher risk.



The charges for Room Rental depend on the category of the group renting the room. 

There are three categories:-

Commercial Activities

Community Groups

Voluntary Groups

Determining which organization fits into which category is a reserved function of the Management Committee.


Any additional booking of the Centre Hall, rooms, pitch etc must be applied for on the official

booking form which are available at the Reception desk these must be approved by the Manager.

If however it is for a last minute booking ie on the night then the Night Staff may accommodate

you only if there is a space available , please be aware that NO OTHER GROUP IS TO BE MOVED TO




All Groups may avail of the Centres equipment such as overhead projector, sound

equipment, flipcharts etc however this must be booked in advance please email request to

reception@huntstowncc.org or in writing . Please note that all this equipment is in a locked press

and the night staff do NOT have access to the key.


When finished with the equipment it must be given back to the Reception or Night Staff.