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Our mission is to promote, enable and facilitate inclusive activities which embrace and address the educational, social, cultural and recreational needs of the local community in a safe, warm, welcoming and friendly environment.



Huntstown Community Centre opened its doors on the 24th of October 2001 it is a purpose built, multifunctional community centre. There is a coffee shop in the building and it also has an all weather sports pitch adjacent to it.


The main users of the centre are youth and voluntary groups such as the Beavers, Cubs Scouts and Ventures,  Order of Malta and Huntstown Hartstown Football Club. We also have a high community group usage such as Irish dancing, ,Ladies  and Youth Clubs, Vincent de Paul and Support Groups, COPD Group, Siel Bleu. We also run many DDETB programmes, Childcare courses and many morning and evening classes.


The local Huntstown Primary School also use the main hall for P.E. and the out door pitch for training. The coffee shop in the centre is also used at lunch hour on a daily basis by youth from the local secondary school in Hartstown/ Huntstown, it is also frequented by local workers, ladies who lunch and the youth of the area as a place to meet and socialise.


 The overall goal of the community centre is to provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for all its users. It is also a key priority to raise awareness around the changing community and to foster growth of the individual through the provision of a broad based pro gramme of activities which would cater for all needs within our area.  We are a Fingal Co Council Age Friendly Centre (2016)

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