Huntstown Community Centre will be holding Adult and Child Art Workshops here commencing 6th November, Children’s workshop will be at 2.40pm for 2 hours on a Monday and Adults workshop will be also on a Monday for two hours commencing at 7.30pm, duration will be four weeks.

 All materials will be supplied and there will be no charge.  Names are now being taken at Reception.  Please register by 31 Oct, if oversubscribed names will be selected at random.

All the work produced will be displayed at a Get to Know your Neighbour Party to be held on 7th December here in Huntstown Community Centre.

We currently have two Art Groups here in the Centre,  Interested ? contact Reception 8220847 or email

Enquiries or 8220847

Huntstown Art Exhibition 2016



This exhibition WAS A collection of paintings on canvas rendered in oil and acrylic. These are the most recent works  of artist from Huntstown, Corduff areas  also on exhibition  Stepping Stones.


Also on display were works completed by our resident art group Different Strokes and Brushes with Genius.

This is the sixth year of our Exhibition, it has moved from a small room to the present double room.

We are currently seeking sponsorship of this event for 2017so if you are interested or know some one / Company who may be interested please contact



If you would like more information  please contact Huntstown Community Centre.


We have two resident Art Groups here in the Centre, if you are interested in joining please contact Reception 8220847 for further information.  All welcome beginners , improvers to experts !